Panda de du Zoo de Beauval


The Place Plumereau: in this medieval quarter of Tours, famous for its timbered houses, restaurants and bars are the delight of tourists, students and residents. A wonderful atmosphere!


A few handy addresses in Tours, should you feel like celebrating!

– cosy café/bar: Le Vieux Murier, place Plumereau

– cocktail bar and a real institution: Le Corsaire, avenue de Grammont

– night club: Le Pym’s, avenue de Grammont

– music hall & cabaret: Extravagance, Notre Dame d’Oé


The Guinguette (open-air tavern) de Tours, a very popular place in Touraine, and the Guinguette de Rochecorbon, 10 minutes from the Hotel Valézieux, offer various activities for old and young alike with a leisure park, tavern and mini-golf course in a very rural open-air setting on the banks of the Loire where you can eat, drink and dance all summer long.


• The Beauval Zoo, 50 minutes by car, is also worth a special mention! The first in France with 6,000 animals including two giant pandas and ranked among the top five in Europe for its diversity, its ecological policy and its efforts in sustainable development. Exceptional!


Allow a full day.