Golf de Touraine


For golf lovers, 4 courses are available nearby, the Touraine course in Ballan-Miré, 20 km away, the Ardrée course in St Antoine-du-Rocher, 15 km away, the Sept Tours course in Courcelles, 30 km away, and the Fleuray course in Cangey, 30 km away, with 9 holes. A little farther are the Carte course, 9 holes, Cheverny et Les Bordes, the former golf course of Baron Bich.

For strollers and nature lovers (500 m from the hotel), simply hop on a bike, available to rent, or throw on some trainers and enjoy the Loire region along the special trails. Upstream lie Amboise and Chaumont-sur-Loire and downstream are Villandry, Rigny-Ussé and Langeais. You can also try a canoe to discover the river with its many stops at the islands leaving from Amboise and arriving at Rochecorbon.

A peaceful way to discover the beauty of the Loire landscape, so vaunted by painters and writers.


Just near the hotel, around 5 minutes on foot, are squash, tennis and a fitness club.


Allow at least half a day for bike ride.